About JZ Outdoors

JZ Outdoors is located in Changzhou, China.We manufacture fabric, apparel and gear for outdoors. JZ's aim is offering one-stop service from fabric development to apparel production.

All our team members have many years’ experience in the apparel or fabric industry, with our own and contracted local production capability, JZ offer both knit apparel and woven apparel with high quality. To meet our customers needs, JZ start the bag produciton on 2014, now JZ can be one-stop supplier for our partners.

JZ work with our customers from developing stage, each year, we offer customers a wide range of outdoor fabric for new design & development purpose, we also introduce new print technology & tech fabric technology to custmers’ development team.

We handle HTP printing, rotary printing, screen printing, cool trans printing and digital printing for different fabric solutions.

JZ have great production capability of knit wears including T-shirts, hoodies and knit pants. Woven Shirts such as flannel shirts is another item we are specializing in. Furthermore, we continually adjust our produciton capability to match our customers’ needs, we start bag production from 2014, we will start new production if there is great needs from our customers.

Grow with our customers together, that’s our strategy. If you need more information about JZ, please contact us, we look forward to hearing from you.

-Michael Yang

What we do:

1.Fabric development and production, including both knit and woven fabric for outdoors

2.Printing development and production, we continually try new printing technology such as cool trans, digital printing with acceptable cost

3.Apparel development and production

4.Outdoor gear development and production

What’s our advantage:

1.We love outdoors and we have enthusiasm to offer great apparcel and gear for outdoor lovers

2.Our years’ experience in fabric and apparel industry

3.Our own factory and contracted factories are top manufacturer in each field

4.Our local full supply chains (from fabric to apparel)

5.Total quality control